Sponsored Identity Quick Guide

How to request a Sponsored Identity

Login - Enter https:/sgi.its.yale.edu/sp onsoredidentity/ in web browser.

  • Enter NetID/Password
  • Click Login
  1. Select Sponsored Identity Type* from drop-down.
  2. Start Date*/End Dates* Enter duration using calendar. Select year first, followed by month and day. Durations are preset. (See page 2 for details on how to use calendar).
  3. Enter First Name* and Last Name* with the individual’s preferred name.
  4. Address Phone and Email* A US Address is required, if unavailable use Sponsoring Department address. Phone/email not required.
  5. Date of Birth* Field is validated. Use calendar to select year, month and day. (See page 2 for details on how to use calendar).
  6. Business Reason* Provide brief details on reason for request to inform approver.
  7. Select Sponsoring Department* by entering Supervisory Org (SO) number if known or search by number, name of individual or department.
    • Select enter on keyboard, scroll down page to select from red highlighted options.
    • Place checkmark in selection, page down & click Apply Changes.
  8. Sponsor Name Search - Sponsor is not required. A Sponsor is a Yale employee that should be linked to SIs. Sponsor Name and Title default if Sponsor Name is entered. (see additional details in document referenced at page end).
  9. Do you want to display in Directory? - Only displays for eligible SI. Defaults to No. Change to Yes, if needed. If yes, add Position Title for directory display.
  10. Do you want to issue an ID Card? - Only displays for eligible SIs. Defaults to No. Change to Yes, if needed. IDCard must be processed directly with ID Card Center.
  11. Additional Information (field has no label) Not required, use if needed.
  12. Do you want the Sponsored Identity to be Public or Private?*
  13. Do you want an ID Card to be issued:?*
  14. Complete Request - Ensure all required fields indicated by * are entered. Click submit. For detailed information, accdess Sponsored Identity page on ITS website adn view “What you need to know about Sponsored Identities.”

How to Guide for Sponsored Identity

How to Modify, Activate or Deactivate an SI

  • Select Manage SI
  • Select Actions to:
  • Modify: Change Start or End Dates and other information. Gender, Date of Birth and Social Security Number can only be viewed and changed by the SI administrator. Contact helpdesk.yale.edu for assistance.
  • Activate: Reactivate a deactivated SI.
  • Deactivate: Inactivate a current SI record.
  • Select Submit.

What to do after SI is approved

How to Search within Sponsored Identity

To search for an individual by Name, enter First and Last Name.

To get a list of all SIs in your dept. select Sponsoring Department by entering Supervisory Org dept. number, or name of Strategic Business Partner/Business Partner. Use Enter on keyboard, scroll down page to select from red highlighted options.

Cancel, Clear, Save and Submit buttons

  • Cancels the request.
  • Clears all entered fields.
  • Saves entered fields for 30 days. Update via links to Saved Requests. Use Save if you need to fvalidate information such as the dummy SSN.
  • Submit validates entry of required fields and submits request for approval


How to Use Calendar

Must select year first, then month and day. To access years, select Calendar icon. Click on Month/Year. Double click on Year. Use arrows to work through decades. Select year, month and day. If date change is needed, use the calendar icon to make the change.

How to logout

Click on X arrow in upper right-hand corner of your browser.