Troubleshoot Access Issues

After Hour Building Access

Contact Yale University Security Central Alarm Station

(203) 785-5555

Harkness gate, close up.

Students, employees, and affiliates automatically gain access to certain buildings during the building’s open hours as authorized by the department or access authorizer. If you are not getting access to a building or space during a time when you are expecting access, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Physical Presentation

  1. When presenting the card, ensure that it is alone, unobstructed and close to the reader. If you carry more than one ID badge, ensure that only one is presented at a time and not blocked by a wallet or bag.
  2. Does the reader beep and turn briefly green? If so, you likely do not have access to this space. If the reader does not respond at all, then the chip in your card is likely dead. You can test this by presenting your card to other readers. You must bring your badge to the ID Center to receive a free replacement. If the card has suffered abnormal wear and tear (holes, tearing, etc.), you will be charged $20 for the replacement card.
  3. Did you recently report your card as lost? The reader will react to the card, but access will be denied. To reactivate your badge, contact Yale University Security Central Alarm Station at (203) 785-5555.
  4. If you’ve had multiple ID cards printed, only the most recent badge will be active.

For more common building access questions, visit our FAQs page.