Students Gate

Lost or Stolen ID Cards

Lost or Stolen ID Cards

ID cards should be immediately reported to Yale University Security

(203) 785-5555

Exterior Yale campus in the summer.

Replacement ID

For your protection, once a card is replaced, the original card cannot be reactivated. If you find the original card, please promptly destroy it, or return it to the ID Center.

If your card has been lost or stolen, you may obtain a replacement ID card at the ID Center.  The fee for a lost or stolen ID card is $20. Replacement IDs must be picked up in person at the ID Center by you. Payment can be made in the form of credit or debit card, payroll reduction for employees or Bursar Account for students.    

If your badge is lost, stolen or damaged during non-business hours, Security may be contacted to assist with lockouts by calling (203)785-5555. 

Damaged or Malfunctioning IDs

If your card has been inadvertently damaged or is no longer functioning, bring the damaged card with you to the ID Center.  If the chip in your card is dead, there will no charge for the replacement.  If the card has suffered abnormal wear and tear (holes, tearing, etc.) or been defaced, a replacement fee will be applied.