Reference Guide for Sponsored Identity Approvers

Who can Approve(s)?

The Strategic Business Partner and/or Business Partner of the Workday Supervisory Organization on the SI request. Emails are sent to both.

What is IAM?

The IAM application is used to process approvals for Sponsored Identity requests. Once request is made in the Sponsored Identity application, the approver(s) receives an email with a link to IAM to complete the approval process. Approvers can also access IAM directly at to manage pending requests.

You can also access by searching for IAM at

How to Approve or Reject SI request from Email

  1. Click on link in approval email: Sponsored Identity Request ####
  2. Review Request details
  3. Click Approve (OK) or Reject, as appropriate
  4. Click COMPLETE

How to Approve or Reject request in IAM

Pending approvals appear in the Inbox on the home page.

  1. Access IAM application at
  2. Select name of individual and review Request details
  3. Click Approve (OK) or Reject [under Decision] as appropriate
  4. Click COMPLETE

Approval Timeframe

If no action within 4 days, a reminder email is sent.

If no action within 8 days, the request is canceled and will need to be regenerated if needed.

SI Expiration Reminder

You will receive notifications 30 days and 10 days prior to an SI expiring and becoming inactive.