If a Vendor/Contractor requires an Access Card, the hiring department must complete a Sponsored ID Form. The form should be completed by the department supervisor or business manager.  Vendor/Contractor cards are valid for a maximum of 1 year and there is a $25 fee per card, paid by department COA (chart of accounts) only.

Departmental sponsors are required to insure that the contractor/vendor/consultant be in compliance with the University’s background check policy prior to any of their employees being issued a Yale University Access card.  Please be sure this requirement has been met prior to submitting a sponsored identity (SI) request. Once the requestor has received the final approval, they should email the ID Center with the proper charging instructions (COA).  Those instructions must be listed in the “additional information ” box in the SI form.

The individual will be required to present one of the following forms of government-issued photo identification in order to obtain their ID Card:

  • Passport (USA or International)
  • Driver’s License (USA only)
  • State Issued (Non-driver) ID
  • US Military ID
  • INS ID (Green Card)

Please verify that all information entered in SI form is correct and marries to the information on the governmental issued ID.

For renewals, the departmental sponsor will receive an email that states their Contractor/Vendor/Consultant’s access card will expire in 30 days. To renew, the departmental sponsor will go into SI and update the expiration date. If access needs continue notify the ID Center with the updated expiration date. There is no need to go to the ID Center for another badge unless it is lost/stolen. If their assignment is complete their record will remain in SI as expired. The Department sponsor should collect the expired access cards.