When your ID card is first issued, it does not have any specific building access on it.  Your manager, in coordination with the unit’s business manager, needs to contact Access Control to add your specific door access.  Access Control can be reached at (203) 432-OPEN or for Central Campus or (203) 785-OPEN or for the Medical School Campus.

Your student ID card will expire upon graduation.  Once your employment with the University begins, you will be eligible to receive an employee ID card.  Please go to the ID Center on or after your start date to obtain your employee ID Card.  You will need your NetID and a government-issued photo ID.

You will need to exchange your employee ID card for a student ID.  Once your program begins, please see your Registrar to obtain an Authorization to Issue ID Card.  Bring this authorization card to the ID Center along with your current ID and a government-issued photo ID to obtain your student ID Card. 

ID cards are the property of Yale University and must be returned to the ID Center upon termination of enrollment, employment or affiliation.  In such situations, the Registrar/Dean or Business Manager should promptly contact Access Control ( for Central Campus or for Medical School Campus) to request deactivation of the ID card.  The card should then be returned to the Central or Medical School ID Center for processing and disposal. 

No, for security reasons, ID cards will only be issued to the cardholder.               

No, for security reasons, ID cards must be picked up in person by the cardholder.